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Chase Monthly Fact Sheet: Nov 2020


November 2020 Monthly Update for the Capitalmind Chase Strategy

Returns Update

November saw an upwards of thousand point move in the index, and we managed to capture close to 800 points of it, making it one of the most profitable months after July’20.

Chase Monthly Fact Sheet: Nov 2020

Overall Performance Summary since inception

Chase Monthly Fact Sheet: Nov 2020


Summary of this month’s activity

We took 7 trades this month, 3 of which were long. We closed the month with 650 points.

Chase Monthly Fact Sheet: Nov 2020

Our biggest winners and losers

This month the biggest winner made 836 points on futures and biggest loser took -103 points away. The YTD average size of winners stands at 298.6 and that of losers being -66.7

Chase Monthly Fact Sheet: Nov 2020

Note – Returns on the futures component includes slippages as captured in the model portfolio.

Open Positions

We currently have an Open Long Position initiated on 26th of Nov’20 at 12,975

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