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How much is enough: Capitalmind featured in Hindu Business Line


How much is enough: Capitalmind featured in Hindu Business Line

Inflation is a lifelong constant, but your salary isn’t. And if you live to be 90, you need to start saving now, and wisely. We’ll tell you how and where – Deepak Shenoy, Founder, Capitalmind
Howdy folks! We are happy to inform you that Capitalmind was featured in the latest issue of Hindu Business Line.
The article features Deepak Shenoy and Capitalmind on the lines of how you need to start saving and investing wisely for your retirement.
Here is a short snippet of the article. Catch the complete publication from HBL here or download the graphical PDF here.

Here’s a relevant snippet:

Q: Rajeev had done what they said he should have done. He invested ₹5,000 a month in an SIP (systematic investment plan) in mutual funds since 2000, when he was 43. Today, he realises he needs ₹1 lakh a month when he retires this year. How well has he done?

A: Fantastically, if you look at the numbers. He has a return of over 24 per cent a year.

The bad news? Rajeev isn’t going to make it. His money has grown to ₹1.19 crore. That money, stored in a “low-risk” fixed deposit, will give him just ₹80,000 per month. He’s going to only earn 80 per cent of what he wanted, despite stellar returns. With inflation, his expenses will double in about 12 years. He’ll have to dip into the corpus to fund himself. He’ll run out of money by the time he is 72. Not a good age to be poor.

Read the whole thing.
It’s great to be featured in a magazine, and we’d love to hear what you think of us. Do comment, or mail in (


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