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The Magic Portfolio Builder That Beats The Nifty. Having Fun With Dartboards!


Magic Dartboard Portfolio
We have for your a “Magic Portfolio” Today!

And Click Here To See The Magic in Action!
You click “Refresh” and Voila, you’ve just selected 10 stocks above.
And you’ll see if your stocks just beat the Nifty. In one month, or one year.
Go on, try it!
Note: Ignore any errors and we don’t use any rights, it’s just a little script that runs to build a new portfolio.

How Does This Work?

We chose stocks in the Nifty 500. We randomly chose 10 of them. That is your portfolio.
That’s as good a Dartboard portfolio as any. It’s just like throwing darts on a paper and selecting whichever stock name you hit.
Such a portfolio should not always beat the Nifty.
But look, it seems to. Keep doing it. You’re a fund manager that’s beating the index nearly all the time.
This is a magic post as well. We’ll add more juice later, but play around!


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