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Charts: Nifty Does 8.5% in the First Two Months of 2017, The Second Best Year since 2000


The markets have had a phenomenal run. They closed Jan with +4.6% on the Nifty and the Feb return has followed up with +3.7%. The year, till now, has returned 8.5% on the Nifty so far!
This is the Best February return since 2002!
Nifty Monthly
The Sensex isn’t too far behind, with about 8% return so far.
Sensex Monthly Return

Year To Date: Second Best Return Since 2000

What Jan+Feb have done is the second highest return, after 2012, since the year 2000. YTD Returns
Markets continue to be highly valued – and growth isn’t exactly visible yet. While this feels “bubbly”, we might continue for much longer before a serious correction, or even a small pullback.
The rush of adrenaline into the markets seems to be domestic this time. Domestic investors have pushed the most amount of money into the markets, though Foreign investors bought about Rs. 9000 cr. of equity in 2017. This is going to be a crazy year, in my opinion, and the first two months have been a surprise on the upside!


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