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On Slack: Budget Tips, Economic Survey 2016-17, GAAR Alert!, GST Protest, LTCG Tax?, Note Ban = Rude Shock, Reputation Problem and more….


On Slack: Budget Tips, Economic Survey 2016-17, GAAR Alert!, GST Protest, LTCG Tax?, Note Ban = Rude Shock, Reputation Problem and more....

Slack is where the daily action happens. We take pride in our diverse and always helpful member community which includes value investors, fund managers, and professional traders. Here is a brief summary of some of the interesting things discussed there in the last few days. Find all older ones here.

#stocks: ICICI, Axis and HDFC Bank are in for a rude shock and it’s not due to note ban

The cornucopia of bank deposits since the demonetisation move may be masking the challenge, but a new kind of ugly is coming for India’s leading private lenders. Livemint

#general: Modi or Jaitley: Who should you believe on LTCG tax?

To some extent, the low contribution of taxes may also be because of the structure of our tax laws. Low or zero tax rate is given to certain types of financial income. Economic Times

#general: Chidambaram’s Budget tips to Jaitley

Don’t slash income tax rate, cut service tax instead It is widely expected that the Budget will announce relax the income-tax threshold limits to regain the goodwill of the middle class, which has been inconvenienced by demonetization. Money Control

#general: GST protest: Tax officers to wear black bands to work today

A body representing Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officers decided to stick to its earlier stand to observe Monday as a ‘black day’. Business Standard

#stocks: Unitech told to refund Rs 3.3 crore to homebuyer

The NCDRC asked the firm to refund Rs 3.33 crore made by the complainants while purchasing the flat and compensate them in the form of interest at 10% per annum with effect from 2012. Economic Times

#general: Next Stop, Dow 30,000

The DJIA looks strong as it passes 20,000. History suggests that this aging bull market can live on. Barrons

#general: Microsoft’s Surface line now a $4.3 billion business

Microsoft generated $1.3 billion dollars in revenue from their Surface line in Q4 2016, taking the full year total to $4.3 billion. MS Power User

#general: How has India fared since 2016? What tax data tells us about the state of the economy

One of the most interesting questions in Indian macroeconomics today is: how are we faring since late 2016? Financial Express

#general: Budget 2017: GAAR alert! Your salary and reimbursements may be under greater income tax scrutiny soon

Budget 2017: GAAR, or General Anti-Avoidance Rule, will kick in from April 1, 2017 and it may very well mean that your company will have to restructure your salary! Financial Express

#general: Why 2017 is a challenging year for the Indian economy

2017 seems to be the most challenging year Arun Jaitley has faced as the Union finance minister. Livemint

#general: Benami Act: Buying property in mother’s name can land you in jail for 7 years

Buying property in your mother’s name could now fetch you seven years in jail. According to the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act 2016, which came into force on November 1, last year unless you are a joint holder in the property with your mother, father, or sibling you could go to jail for indulging in benami transactions. DNA India

#general: India’s Got a Reputation Problem

A budget like the three previous ones simply won’t be good enough. Bloomberg

#general: Economic Survey Pushes For PARA – A Central Bad Bank To Resolve Large Stressed Loans

Indian banks should be recapitalised at the earliest and a centralised bad bank needs to be established to take over large bad loans, said the Economic Survey 2016-17 presented by the government on Tuesday. Bloomberg Quint

#general: Eco Survey calls the bluff of rating agencies, says come back to assess us after half a century

The Economic Survey 2016-17 presented on Tuesday questioned the complex methodology that global rating agencies use while assigning sovereign ratings to countries.  Economic Times

#general-from the past: Viral Acharya’s Appointment To The Reserve Bank Of India Strays From The Norm

Viral Acharya, 42, professor in the department of finance at New York University’s Stern School of Business, will join the central bank for a period of three years, said the government in a notification. Bloomberg Quint
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