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KRBL Revenue declines, PAT Up By 14%; Improves Operating Margin


KRBL is a well-known brand in Basmati Rice segment. The company is majorly into packaging and sale of rice. KRBl has also ventured into power sale. KRBL has installed capacity of 120 MW (including Wind, Solar, Biomass). KRBl exports its premium rice to UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Australia, USA and some European countries as well.
KRBL revenue has dropped by 20.22% but PAT has increased 13.78% YoY. KRBL has improved its operating margin by almost 480 basis point and currently is at 18.59%.
The improved operating margin was mainly due to lower raw material cost and decline in other expenses.
KRBL operates in two segments viz. Agri and Energy. Agri segment accounts for 91% of the total revenue. The operating margin of the Energy sector is higher at 31.8% whereas the operating margin of the agri segment stands at 17.22%.
KRBL has been the market leader in basmati rice segment. It sells basmati rice in various brand names. The popular ones are India gate Basmati Rice and Doon Basmati Rice.


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