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Q2FY17 Earnings Report: Results Of 58 Companies So Far


Financial results for the quarter ending September 2016 are in and we have tabulated them for you in this report.
The report includes Nifty 500 companies and more. We have divided them into sectors.
Till Oct 21 2016, 58 such companies have announced results with a combined turnover of Rs. 2.10 trillion (lakh cr.), with a Total Revenue increase by 9.03%. Total Profit went marginally up by 0.6%.
We have discounted the effects of outliers (<-400% or >400%) while calculating the average growth rates.
companies more than doubled net profit.
Capital Mind will update this report regularly and provide a note at Capital Mind Premium when updated. Please feel free to contact us for any corrections or changes. This has been a regular feature at Capital Mind from Q1 FY 2015 onward.

  • All figures in Rs. Cr. except EPS, which is in rupees.
  • NP = Net Profit After Tax
  • Rev = Revenue
  • EPS = Earnings Per Share (Adjusted for Bonuses and Splits)
  • Only Companies with Market Cap of more than Rs. 1000 cr.
  • Growth totals are added up for Revenue/Profits.
  • Where earnings go from profit to loss or vice versa, things go a little crazy with the profit and EPS growth percentages. Please ignore them.

The Nifty

The financial results of 9 Nifty companies are out so far. Total Net Profits of the companies added up, went down by 3.15%, even when revenue increased by 9.57%.
The Standouts:

  • YesBank was also the outstanding performer , with a revenue increase of 24.70%, it    pulled out a profit growth of nearly 31.31%.
  • IndusInd Bank was also a stand out, increased revenue and profits by 23.97% and 25.75%.
  • Ultratech managed to increase profits by 25.08%, while its revenue declined by 2.41%
  • ACC was under performer with a revenue decrease of 9.62%, it net profit plunged by 27.9%
  • Reliance was also a setback, net profit declined by 22.1% even with revenue increase of 9.61%.

In the table, we have a list of all Nifty companies with results. We’ve used consolidated results where we can, and have adjusted past EPS for bonuses or splits. If we have something wrong, please let us know. (All figures are in Rs. Cr. except Earnings Per Share).

Basic Materials.


Consumer Cyclical.


Consumer Defensive.




Financial Services.









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