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Lupin Profits Grow by 56%, gGlumetza Exclusivity Expires : Results Analysis


Lupin had a good numbers in terms of sales i.e  41% growth QoQ. The net profits saw a growth of 56% QoQ.

Key Takeaways:Lupin Logo

  • Operating Margin went up from 22.92% to 24.89%. Which is a marginal increase, but an increase nevertheless.
  • Expenditure on R&D has increased substantially by 59.52% QoQ and currently stands at 499.4 Crs.
  • Finance Cost has gone up substantially, up by 4.55 times. Increase in finance costs was mainly due to acquisition of Gavis, most of which was funded by debt.
  • Lupin has paid 23.65% of PBT as taxes  for the reported period compared to 28.50% for the same quarter previous year.

Lupin Q1FY17 Results

  • Lupin’s 180 days exclusivity of generic drug of Glumetza expired on Aug 2,2016.
  • Lupin has received an Establishment inspection Report for its Goa facility, regarding an inspection done in July Last year.
  •  Inspection done in March for the Goa Facility, the EIR is till pending.

The share price tumbled down by 5.52% to close at Rs 1599.90. This has been explained in online channels as not meeting expectations. But you know how markets are!
Lupin Q1FY17 Share Price Movement
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