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On Slack: Bear capitulation, The New Market Wizards, Wrong RBI Policies and much more… –


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The Slack group at Capital Mind Premium has been extremely active and if you haven’t been there (Premium subscribers only), pop us a note by replying to this email.

A brief summary of some of the interesting things discussed there in the last few days:

#general: The Day They Killed the Dollar


#macronomics: Bear capitulation as investors pile back into stocks: BAML

Investors last week poured the most cash into global equity funds since October last year and the second highest amount ever into emerging market bond funds, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said on Friday. (Link)

#general: Institutional investors buy HDFC warrants in hordes, bet prices to rise quicker than shares

Some institutional investors have opted to buy, and more may do so, the recently issued warrants of HDFC, betting that prices of these instruments would rise quicker than ordinary shares of the mortgage lender. (Link)

#macronomics: How Wrong RBI Policies and Irrational Income Tax Laws Keep Housing Prices Abnormally High

Liberal housing loans, largess of public sector banks, wrong RBI policies, and the strange income tax laws are the reasons why real estate remains almost out of reach for majority of low and middle income families. (Link)

#macronomics: India overhauls its investment treaty regime

In a surprising recent move, India has served notices to 57 countries including the UK, Germany, France and Sweden seeking termination of bilateral investment treaties (BITs) whose initial duration has either expired or will expire soon. (Link)

#general: How to Stay Focused When You Feel like Giving Up


#general: Nitin Gadkari again woos Tesla to invest in India

Transport minister Nitin Gadkari asks Tesla to outline their proposals for entry into Indian market. (Link)

#general: Shankar Sharma, Inspired By George Fernandes’ Credo, Pleads For Protection To Indian Industry From Marauding Foreign Behemoths

It is noteworthy that the credo of socialism and protectionism formulated by veteran trade union leader George Fernandes several decades ago is being echoed by Shankar Sharma today and that too in the midst of a raging Bull market and record levels of FDI inflows. (Link)

#general: How Much Longer Can India’s IT Sector Hide?


#general: Are Markets Overheated in the Small & Mid Cap Space?


#macronomics: Watching Macro — Is it a “fools” errand?


#macronomics: Brexit Won’t Stop Globalization

Beyond the West, trade ties are growing and deepening. (Link)

#general: How buying a flat became a nightmare in NCR

India’s biggest property market by volume has numerous projects stuck for years. What has led to this dismal situation? (Link)

#general: SoftBank to buy ARM for $32 billion

The ARM deal would be the biggest-ever for SoftBank (Link)

#general-from the past: The ‘bad’ side of education loans


#macronomics: Moody’s flags Yes Bank asset quality issues

Moody’s highlighted that high incidence of corporate loans in Yes Bank’s books could further worsen its asset quality. (Link)

#general: World exclusive: Royal Enfield’s secret 750

This is Royal Enfield’s all-new 750cc parallel twin, which was spied for the first time many months ahead of an official launch.

The engine has been seen in earlier guises when it was slotted into a modified 500 chassis but this is the first time the modern retro rival for the Triumph Bonneville has been seen in something approaching production form. (Link)

#stocks-fundamentals: Stay invested but be ready to book profits

Reduce exposure if uncomfortable with current valuations. (Link)

#general: Where Will India’s Airlines Land All Their Shiny New Jets?


#general: Predicting Stock Market Crashes and Financial Panics is Really Hard


#general: Nintendo M0061rket Value Passes Sony on Pokemon Go Frenzy: Chart

After a rally lasting more than a week, Nintendo Co. has pushed its market value past Sony Corp., fueled by global mania for the Pokemon Go game it backed. Nintendo’s value jumped above $39 billion Tuesday in Tokyo, topping Sony, and extending a run that began after the app become a viral phenomenon. On Friday, Nintendo set a record for the most shares ever traded daily in Japan. (Link)


Active vs Passive InvestingLink

Ashok Leyland, is it a Sell Short term?Link

The New Market Wizards: Conversations with America’s Top Traders AudibleLink

The White Man in That Photo – Link

Weekly Review on Indian stock market indicesLink


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