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Charts: Foreign Investors Are Quietly Exiting Debt Investments While Buying Stocks


Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) have, in a strange way, sold a lot of debt, while continuing to buy equity. In June, while they sold a bit through the last few days, they have been net buyers of stocks. To the extent of 3800 cr. But they’ve been selling debt, where they have sold over 7000 cr. till Jun 27.

FII Investment

This is the largest amount of FPI exits in Debt in over a year. 

FPI Investments in Debt

This would be the first “negative” year for debt since 2013, if things continue this way. 

Investments by Year

Note: we warned in our Macronomics piece that FPIs are not finding corporate debt attractive at all. Get Capital Mind Premium for all our premium mails into your inbox and much more!


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