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The Insider Report December 2015 – Check Teaser and Buy Now


Capital Mind December’15 The Insider Report


This report analyses Shareholding Pattern for the period ending December, 2015 for Indian listed companies. This report provides more information on Promoter, Public, Foreign Portfolio Investors and Mutual Funds shareholding, with special details of Big Institutional and Individual Investors.

We hope that this report forms part of your future conversations and helps you with any upcoming investment decisions.


Time Period

For this report we examined December, 2015 (Q3-2016) Shareholding Pattern and the trends in the year prior, with the historic benchmark as Q4-2014. (Note: Quarter ending Q4-2014 is Jan’14, Q1-2015 is Jun’15 and so on).


All analysis includes Indian listed companies on the National Stock Exchange. In detail analysis has been performed for listed companies with a market capitalization of over 10,000 crore in December, 2015 covering the sectors such as: Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financials, Health Care, Industrials, Info Tech, Materials, Telecom and Utilities. Additionally for companies wherein a Stock Split and/or Bonus has been announced, we have adjusted the shares accordingly.

Data Sources

Capital Mind uses a broad range of sources to present the most complete picture possible. In addition to extensive primary source research sourced specifically for this report, Capital Mind uses publicly-available data from National Stock Exchange (, Bombay Stock Exchange (, Securities and Exchange Board of India (, and other publicly available data. Please send any questions, comments, or corrections to or drop in a message on any of the slack groups [#general, #stocks].

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