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Top Posts Of This Week – Startup Valuations Hide Risk For Investors; Fall Of Nifty; GST Revenue Neutral Rate; JP Morgan Sells Amtek Auto Debt And Some More


As we come around to the end of this week, let us @CapitalMind_in highlight the posts which garnered most clicks and which elicited most responses from you folks. You can also have a look at our previous top post collections. You will find some posts which you might have missed and you can have a recap on what’s been happening for the past few weeks in the Indian Financial Markets.

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So, let’s look at the list(BTW, links open in new tabs)

  • The Revenue Neutral Rate for GST, in Nice Looking Graphs: As soon as the nation got wind of GST(Goods and Services Tax), all hell broke loose in the market. While GST numbers were not confirmed yet, we went ahead and took all the factors involved in calculating GST based on a report from Finance Ministry. Have a look at the post to understand how GST works and how other countries are implementing it.
  • How To Calculate Long Term Capital Gains Tax: This is one of the ageless posts on Capital Mind which always evokes interest among people. And, the beauty of the post is, Deepak explains it with an easy-to-follow example. If it wasn’t easy-to-understand, you wouldn’t be here, so we’re keeping it that way! Read on, and post us a comment if you liked it.
  • The Economics of Using Uber in India, For Drivers, Passengers and the Company: A flagship post for this quarter  where we break down Uber’s and Ola’s economics and explain it in detail. You’re not exactly paying Rs. 7 per kilometer, but you’re getting a darn cheap ride subsidized by venture capital! If you are looking out for a conversation starter or want to understand how these giant, highly valuation companies operate – then go ahead and have a look! 

Well, that’s for this week folks. We will come up with another top posts collection on next friday. So, keep watching this space. If you haven’t subscribed to the mailing list yet, do so now. Provide your email address above and get our in-depth financial analytics posts directly into your inbox.

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