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On Slack: Fed Reserve, Will They Won't They? Capital Gains or Business Income? Richa Industries, Piramal Enterprises and more…


The Slack Discussions

The Slack group at Capital Mind Premium has been extremely active and if you haven’t been there (Premium subscribers only), pop us a note by replying to this email.

A brief summary of some of the interesting things discussed there in the last few days:


#general: Discussion on Income Taxes

Let’s say you buy shares worth Rs 1 lakh and sell it in, say, eight months. You have made 25 per cent returns, though the intention was investment. Does this become business income? It’s a thin line that separates business income from capital gains.

Here’s an earlier case related to MAT for companies:

#general: Poddar Housing CEO Interview:

#general: Government admits Monsanto never had patent in India for Bt Cotton

Thirteen years after US multinational Monsanto launched Bt cotton seeds in the country, the Indian government has woken up to the fact that the first version of the genetically modified crop was not patented in India.

#general: Railways to invest Rs 9.2 lakh cr in 5 years for modernisation

Japan has agreed to modernise 400 railway stations in India, in line with the Railways’ ambitious plan of investing Rs. 9.2 lakh cr. over five years.

#general: Is Royal Enfield Targeting New Markets?

 Royal Enfield has plans of pushing their vehicles into Latin America and South Asia.

#macro: Will She, Won’t She? All Eyes on Janet Yellen next Week:

The coming week heralds a new beginning; if the Fed Reserve decides to increase rates. But will she, won’t she? That’s the question everyone seems to be asking.

#macro: India’s Great Stock Market Fall (Correction?):

#macro: A few Global Market Bellwethers have their say:

#macro: Why Economists Are Still Baffled by India’s GDP Growth

Here’s a snippet of what Deepak Shenoy had to say about the Indian Market scenario:

Deepak Shenoy: Buy and hold isn’t to be sneered at, however I believe in more active management.

Deepak Shenoy: I personally think our bull market may have a long way to go, but it has a long way to go down also.

Deepak Shenoy: The last three years have been extremely high on expectation. We have seen no really big dip in the marekt or economy for a long time. We have not seen a drougth for a while. We have no idea how to deal with the lack of inflation now (it’s been quite a long time).

Deepak Shenoy: We can dip substantially, and because of the problems in India (i.e. not attributed to global forces). That is what I think will come next.

#stocks: Prof. Sanjay Bakshi at a Conference

Below is a very informative and interesting video in which Prof. Sanjay Bakshi, renowned value investor, shares his insights.

#stocks: Cool features in

Our subscribers shared with us a great new tool at,,,,,,,,,,3%7c0

#stocks: Nice analysis of Career Point

#stocks: Snapshot of US Market Performance on Thursday:

#stocks: What is up With Richa Industries?!

Promoters of Richa Industries are making a preferential allotment of shares at their existing depressed prices to a select few entities. Minority shareholders are definitely going to be negatively affected by thi
s decision which could see the chosen few end up with nearly 80% stake!

#stocks: Piramal Enterprises Looks for Acquisitions?

#stocks: Ramesh Damani’s Brilliant Strategy Saves Loss Even As Ricoh Crumples In Savage Sell-Off

#stocks: HUL to sell Modern Bakery as part of its strategy to exit non-core businesses

#stocks: IDFC to raise up to Rs 80,000 crore to expand business

#stocks: Cairn India’s merger with Vedanta “uncertain”, says S&P

#stocks: Amara Raja drops 5% as GS removes stock from Asia Pacific buy list

#options: Option Pricing Models and the “Greeks”

#options: Options Greeks: Vega Risk and Reward

#options: From One of Our Subscribers, KS Saravanan:

Chat With Traders:

Federer and cricket:

Quota protest: Patels urged to withdraw money from banks:

Changing face of corporate profits:

The Killing Season:

A World Record – We should be Grateful to the Nehru Family!

Germany to do what now?!:

Hey Bob Wants to Solve Bengaluru’s Traffic Problem With Bike Taxis:

How I failed into stock trading and 4 amazing things you can learn from my experience:

Dueling with Dragons 2.0: The Next Phase of Global Corporate Competition:




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