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Top Posts of This Week: Why Tax Incentives Are Bad For India; FIIs Go On A Selling Frenzy; Flipkart Getting Scammed By Seller and Some More…


We had quite a week on Capital Mind. The Capital Mind’s First Meetup was a huge success and the members who attended had an amazing time and got their questions/doubts answered and clarified by the panel present, including Deepak Shenoy. While that was offline, the online data speaks for itself as we saw huge things happen in terms of developing our own custom built SNAP tool which uses it’s own algorithm to decipher the numbers and bring out simple and beautiful visualizations. All the Capital Mind Premium Subscribers have access to SNAP tool wherein they can manage their stock market portfolios and take decisions based on the algorithm. Are you a Premium Subscriber yet? You should take a look at the advantages of becoming a Premium member. You can even try out our 30-day free trial.

Deepak voiced his opinions regarding why tax incentives are utterly worse for India. This garnered heavy response and people naturally got interested in getting to know his views. While most of them quietly nodded their heads, there were several who had agreed to him and even added their own opinions. You can take a look at the entire Twitter dialogue down below in the list.

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List of Top Posts On Capital Mind

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