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Budgetonomics 2014 Released: Capital Mind’s Budget Analysis for Rs. 199


You’ve read Capital Mind and you’ve heard of the Budget. Here’s our take on the budget in a 50+ page book-style report, that you can read at leisure. Many of the posts are public, but some are exclusive to the book.

The book is free for Capital Mind Premium Subscribers.


(Thanks to Canva for a brilliant and mostly free interface to produce the cover)

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You can buy it online immediately and have it delivered to your inbox. We’ll send future updates as we see more budget proposals come through.




What the Heck is a Budget?

The Very Core of It

The Budget: Deficit Skepticism Is Justified, Big Targets for 8 months

The Budget For You and Me

The Lowdown on Taxes

Direct Tax Summary: Almost Like There Was No New Government

Cheaper Kindles, Chappals and Soaps, Pay More for Radio Taxis and Coke

The Budget for Markets

The Murder of the Debt Mutual Fund By Closing a Tax Loophole

Go Healthy: Tobacco Duty Hike of Upto 72%, Coke and Pepsi Get a 5% Tax

The 80CCD Confusion: Do You Get Another 100,000 Deduction?

RBI Allows Lower CRR/SLR for Infra Bonds, Eases Infra Lending After Budget

Loopholes and Workarounds

You Can Buy Only One House To Offset Capital Gains

Capital Gains Bond Investment Loophole Plugged: Only 50 Lakhs Allowed to Offset Gains

US Funds Will Pay 15% Cap Gains Taxes in India

No Easy Choices for AMCs as They Stop Issuing FMPs

Pre-Budget Pieces

What I’d Like To See in the Budget For Startups

How Have Stock Markets Reacted to the Budget?

Take Away Those Tax Sops for Housing

Railway Budget Plans a 13,000 cr. Surplus, High Speed Trains. Incremental, Not Path Breaking.

Four Things the Economic Survey Tell Us This Government Will Do to Cut Inflation

Closing Remarks

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