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Budget 2014 Live at Capital Mind


Budget 2014 is on July 10, 2014 and we’ll have the coverage for you, live. Check this page for updates.

Sorry but this event’s free plan only had 200 members. Will do a bigger thing later. Apologies!

Here’s the tweet list:

Budget2014: Jaitley’s been talking of cutting the fiscal deficit. We think he does it through Asset Sales. A LOT of them.

I think we should stop talking about 4.3% budget deficit versus 4.5%. Better to say every 0.1% is 13,000 cr. #Budget2014

Pre Budget: Nifty 7607, +22 10 yr 8.71%, USDINR 59.73 #Budget2014

Jaitley says the world has grown but the US might be jittery #Budget2014

Don’t expect big things from a 45 day government: Jaitley #Budget2014

Need to increase Tax to GDP Ratio it seems. This is good, but will he not reduce taxes? #Budget2014

As I had stated, this is a kitchen sink budget. The real deal is Budget 2015. #Budget2014

Changes in Transfer Pricing! Very interesting. This can change a lot of things. Let’s wait.#Budget2014

FDI in Defense: We buy stuff from abroad. Raised to 49%! #Budget2014

FDI In Insurance moved to 49%, all mgmt Indian #Budget2014

Retail e-commerce for FDI manufacturiers is okay #Budget2014

240,000 cr capital for banks required in five years. PSU Banks to issue shares to retail. GOI to keep stake on. #Budget2014

PSUs to invest more than 200,000 cr. as capex. Not sure this is important. #Budget2014

E-Visas in a phased manner, to promote tourism. Next 6 months. After: Visa on arrival #Budget2014

REITs and Investment Trusts to be pass through so both domestic and foreign sources benefit #Budget2014

Assured Irrigation: Pradham Mantri Krishi [ ] Yojana. #Budget2014

PPP in skill development? Kuch Hajam nahi ho raha. #Budget2014

200 cr. to erect a Sardar Patel statue of unity. #AllPartiesAreTheSame #Budget2014

Dude: 200 cr. for Sardar Patel Statue, 500 cr. for rural power? #Budget2014

Min Pension of Rs.1000 for Emp Pension scheme #Budget2014

EPFO to be improved via computerization #Budget2014

Currency notes to have Braille #Budget2014

PMGSY: 14,389 cr. for roads! Now we’re talking. #Budget2014

8000 cr. for rural housing. But PPP? How? #Budget2014

Toilets and Drinking water in all girl schools. Big numbers mentioned, but I can’t reconcile. #Budget2014

Teacher’s Training program: 500 cr. #Budget2014

5 more IITs, 5 more IIMs: 500 cr. This is too little. #Budget2014

Software Product Startups to get a boost. I really need to see the details. #Budget2014

Metro Projects of Lucknow etc. gets 100 cr. 100 frikking cr? What the F? #Budget2014

Agro technology needs impetus.

Markets: 8.66% on the 10 year (-0.06%), USDINR: 59.78 flat, Nifty 7529 -55 #Budget2014

he’s back, with soil deterioration. #Budget2014

Climate Change: Establish adaptation fund of 100 cr. #Budget2014

Finance to landless labourers through NABARD #Budget2014

APMC acts to allow private markets, great stuff! #Budget2014

500 cr. for agri price stabilization. Under frikking funded. #Budget2014

Farmer loans at 7% and then 4% if repaid, continues #Budget2014

Long term credit fund for agri through NABARD for 5000 cr. #Budget2014

Reforms in food: FCI reform is a priority #Budget2014

Wow. All central govt will implement e-based payment gateways and info by end 2014 #Budget2014

Promotion of startups: 10,000 cr. for equity, loan, quasi equity! Nice. #Budget2014

New Bankruptcy laws? #Budget2014

Dev of 16 new ports, port connectivity gets 11,600 cr. Big policy later for shipbuilding. #Budget2014

New airports through PPP and AAI. #Budget2014

37000 cr. to build roads. #Budget2014

15,000 cr. of gas pipelines through PPP? #Budget2014

Capital Markets need better regulation. “Indian Financial Code” soon. #Budget2014

RBI and Govt to put monetary policy framework. Whoa, turf war? #Budget2014

5% withholding tax for all bonds till 30th June 2017 #Budget2014

Allow international settlement of Indian debt! #Budget2014

Liberal bharat depository deposits #Budget2014

Indian FII managers to get tax passthrough! #Budget2014

Uniform KYC Norms, one single demat account for all fin assets. #Budget2014

New accounting standards voluntary 2015-16, mandatory for 2016-17 #Budget2014

RBI to create differentiated banks. Payment banks etc. #Budget2014

Revitalize small savings schemes. NSC with Insurance cover. #Budget2014

PPF increased to 1.5L? That means 80C increased at well, surely. #Budget2014

Wait for Part II for tax changes. #Budget2014

Ganga gets 2037 cr. Behti ganga mein… #Budget2014

NRI fund for Ganga? What? WE pay NRI’s to clean the Ganga? DETAILS! #Budget2014


Lots of sports thingies. 100 cr. this, 100 cr. that. More when the paper comes out. #Budget2014

Displaced Kashmiri Migrants: 500 cr. to help. #Budget2014

Water Supply for Delhi: Renuka Dam. 50 cr. for this, bring your ink droppers. #Budget2014

Non Plan of 12 lakh cr., total 17+ lakh cr. #Budget2014

about 10 lakh cr. taxes, 2 lakh cr. Fisc deficit of 4.5% #Budget2014

Taxes now! #Budget2014


Lowest Slab moved to 2.5 L from 2L, for senior citizens 3 L #Budget2014

Increase investment limit under 80C from 1L to 1.5L (Told you so) #Budget2014

Self occupied property home loan interest limit upped to 2L from 1.5L #Budget2014

Manufacturing sector – incentive for 100 cr. investment continues. Then 15% “allowance” for 25cr+ investment in plants #Budget2014

Fundmanagers of Foreign FPI investors can be in India, treatment of income as cap gains. (ok) #Budget2014

Tax on LTCG on debt funds to 20%, and time moved to 3 years! #Budget2014

Mutual funds are destroyed. Debt funds that is. What a mess. #Budget2014

Imported electronic products and telecom parts to get 10% duty? #Budget2014

Why the heck does he want CRT to be cheaper? Jeez. #Budget2014

Coking coal duty increased? We already have a shortage… #Budget2014


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