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On ET Now: My Budget Views Involve Railways, Shipping and Defence


On Wednesday I was on ET Now for a short interview on what sectors I thought would do well:

The generic summary:

  • Budget expectations are high, but I think they are too high.
  • I don’t expect kick-ass stuff in the budget, getting cues that this is going to be a tough budget
  • I would focus on Railways, Shipping and Defence as sectors
  • Within Railways there’s Astra Microwave and BEML that I like (disclosure: I own them as part of the Capital Mind Premium portfolio) Also like the broad play at L&T
  • Don’t like the concept of “defensives” like IT or FMCG. Would rather focus on “progressives”
  • One stock I’m buying is Shipping Corporation of India which has just come into profitability and I like the sector.

Here’s a rough transcript by Economic Times.

Hope you like it!


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