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Fake Website Warning: RBI Doesn’t Have Online Banking


RBI has warned people about a fake website called “” which is a phishing site. It only collects information about you, and tries to hack into your bank accounts and steal your money.


It looks like this:


The RBI says;

The Reserve Bank clarifies that as India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India does not offer services offered by commercial banks, such as, savings bank account, current bank account or credit cards. As such, the question of the Reserve Bank offering online banking services, as is indicated on the fake site, does not arise. The Reserve Bank has cautioned members of public not to fall prey to spurious offers made by the fake website. The Reserve Bank has further cautioned members of public that applying on line on that website could result in compromising one’s own crucial personal information, that may be misused to cause financial and other loss to them.

The only RBI online presence is at and that’s the site you should care about. And they will never ask you for your passwords or such.

If you have loads of money you want to lose anyway, I can suggest donating it to me instead.


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