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Chart: FIIs Buy More Than 60,000 cr. in 2014


Foreign institutions have pumped in significant amounts of money into the Indian markets in 2014. Till April 7, they have  Rs. 62,737 cr. into the bond and equity markets.


FII Investments

Debt Market Investments have been significant this year, overriding the carnage of last year.

FII Debt

FII investment table

That rally we’re seeing has been fuelled by equity purchases, but even though the 62,000 cr, figure looks high, the equity portion is just 28,000 cr. and just about makes the grade. We have seen average 1.1 trillion (lakh cr) in the last two years, and this is about one quarter of the year in, so FIIs haven’t really “overbought” the equity markets.

But will they continue to buy their hearts out this year? Or will FIIs sell in May and go away?


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