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Reads: Remove High-Denom Notes, SC Beats Up Sahara, NSEL Settlement



The cobrapost scam seems to have made RBI think and they might introduce a code for third party products, says BS.

A call to demonetize Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes (Hindu) I don’t agree, though I’d like to see the 1,000 rupee notes go away for personal reasons (no one wants to give change, and ATMs love to dispense them!). Rs. 100 can only become the standard if inflation’s under check, and it’s not. I’d love to see more coins used, by the way.

SC Bars Asset Sale by Sahara, Grounds Subrata Roy (Business Standard)

A settlment in sight for NSEL? Says the investor forum, supposedly. FT recently sold its stake in a Singapore bourse for $150m, and this might be triggering calls for a settlement.

US Bond Yields reach Two-Month high as Jobless Claims Fall (Bloomberg)


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