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October 2013 at Capital Mind: Onion Prices, The Unbelievable Rally, Unravelling GDP, FIIs Sell Debt


Here’s Capital Mind in October, with traffic a little bit light as I took a vacation:

Macro and Markets

Singapore Hurts Property Bubble By Limits on Housing Loan Payments, Higher Taxes
India has the highest petrol-price-to-income ratio in the world
Apollo Counters Cooper allegations; Deal Might Fall Through
Reliance Sep 2013 Results: Profit Shocker at +1.5% Only, Saved Only By The Dollar
Consumer Prices Go Up at a Scary 9.84% in Sep 2013

The Rally No One Wants To Believe
Wholesale Price Inflation for Sep 2013 at 6.46%, Uptrend Resumes
August IIP Comes at +0.6%, Rubber Insulated Cable is Still Mysterious
Infy Sep 2013 Results in Charts
Infy Has Moved 10% in Each of the Last Three Result Days


Unravelling the GDP Number: The Perils of Arguing About Real GDP Growth
Exports Up 11%, Imports Down 18%, Best Monthly Trade Balance in 2 years
Chart: Dollar Down to August Lows Since Rajan
Apollo Gets Sued by Cooper for Not Doing Things Fast Enough
FIIs Continue To Sell Debt, Slow Down Equity Buys


Nifty P/E Beats EPS Growth Marginally, Then Breaks Off Downwards Again
The Wholesale Price Index Can’t Be Trusted
Killer Jeans But Not That Killer a Company
FIIs Buy Lots of Equity, Sell Lots of Debt in October
Tech: ITC and RCOM Show Short Entries in Strategy. Tata Steel Override Fails.   

September PMI at Lowest in 4.5 Years
Suckered: The Case of Gujarat NRE Coke and The We-Wont-Tell-You Edition of Accounting
Chart: Nifty Returns Till September, Over the Years
Tech: TataSteel and TCS Do Their Magic, SesaGoa Shows Potential Loss
The Biggest Monthly Close Ever, The Largest Monthly Move In 20 months: October 2013

Tech Update: ITC, Sesa Goa Show Losses, RCOM Succeeds, and a Hindalco Trade
NHPC Will Buy Back Shares at Rs. 19.25
October Has Been the Month for….Realty


RBI and Banking

14 Day Repo Auction Goes at 8.79%, Liquidity Still Tight
RBI Sells $6.8 Billion in August 2013, After $6bn in July
Currency Notes In Circulation Shows Lowest Growth in 6 Years
RBI Cuts Rates to 9%, Announces 7 and 14 day Repo
Ahead of Policy, RBI Says Growth Subdued, Inflation Might Be Checked

Rajan Will Not Do a Volcker, For Now
RBI’s Rajan Increased Repo, Drops MSF, Increases Term Repo Limit

Fixed Income

Should NRIs invest in FCNR Deposits?
Video: Liquid and Ultra Short Term funds, and Fixed Deposits
Fixed Income: 7-Day Repo, 15,000 cr. G-Sec Auctions Tomorrow
MSF Borrowing Goes Back Up, a Strange Repo Dip
RBI Collects $10 Billion from FCNR Window, But Uses it to Sell in Market


Video: Buckner Says Hyperinflation Could Come Soon in the US
Friday Reads: Pump Scams, HSBC Goes, Rupee Rises and Falls, ED Clears Walmart
Introducing: Ask Capital Mind
LIC Charges For Paying With Debit Cards
The US Shuts-Up

Thursday Reads From Gurgaon
Three Reads: High Credit/Deposit Ratio, Bearish US Housing, Trouble in Walmart-Bharti
Video: How to Generate Black Money?
An Analysis of SIP Returns on the Sensex for 23 years
The US S&P 500 Long Term Return Adjusted for Inflation

The Wrong Battle for the Rupee
Saturday Reads: US Defaulted in 71, Asset Backed Bonds, Faking a Company, DIIs Better than FIIs
Onion Charts Sho
w We Have Highest Prices in 12 years

The Biggest Venture Capital Sector Investment in India is…


NSEL: Mgmt Arrests, E&Y “Checked” Warehouses, Sinha’s Wife Traded on MCX
NSEL: Show Cause Notices, Empty Warehouses and We-Want-That-Gold
SEBI was Told About FT Danger in 2007, NSEL Investors Being Probed Too
NSEL “Settles” with Mohan India, EOW Freezes Jignesh’s Accounts


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