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Thursday Reads From Gurgaon


I’m in Gurgaon for a week long Dussehra holiday. What I’m reading today:

  • Construction firms are the largest service tax amnesty applicants (Business Standard)
  • NSEL: Income Tax officials ask for investor details from brokers, suspicious some of them are fictitious. (Business Standard)
  • Brazil raises rates to 9.5% to tame inflation (Reuters)
  • Infosys: Waiting for results (LiveMint)
  • Mutual Funds extend exit loads for as long as 9 months on  short term bond schemes (Business Standard)
  • Bharti-Walmart is finito, Walmart will buy Bharti’s stake (LiveMint)
  • In China, a housing complex “accidentally” in the middle of an 8 lane highway (Gizmodo)

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