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RIL June 2013 Results in Charts


Pictures tell you a story. Let’s look at the Reliance Results for their story.

Revenues Fall Year on Year, Profits up 20% on a Lower Base

RIL Revenues and Profit, June 2013: Capital Mind

None of the Segments Did Really Well

RIL Segment Results: Capital Mind

Has Oil Production Bottomed?

Reliance Oil Production: Capital Mind

Refining Margins Threatened Yet Again

Reliance GRM : Capital Mind

However, the dollar depreciation would have helped. But they hedge a substantial portion of this  – nearly 127,000 cr. of it last year.

Petrochem Production Falls to Lowest Since March 2011

Reliance Petrochem Production: Capital Mind

They have a Lot of Debt, and Even More Cash

RIL Cash and Debt: Capital Mind

EPS Growth “Slows” A Little Bit

Reliance EPS Growth: Capital Mind

Earnings Per Share for the last 12 months is Rs. 67.6. At 923, the stock quotes at a P/E of 13.65. This is a reasonably small P/E. Their retail stores are doing reasonably and they’re making more noises about Jio Infocomm (their large LTE/4G venture).

The story on the primary business end is dying; but will Reliance, with it’s massive cash hoard, pull things out of its hat?

Disclosure: No positions, and wondering if it’s a good time to buy.


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