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Chart: Infy Result Tomorrow, What To Expect?


Infosys’ Results tomorrow will kick off large cap results for the Financial Year 2012-13, and is expected to be a really big thing. The stock was up over 3.5% today, closing in at 2915.

Infy Result Impact

The last three times, the stock has moved in the opposite direction of it’s previous day. Since 2007 though, going the other way of the previous day, versus the same direction is 13:10. And this is the biggest pre-result day move since October 2007.

What happens tomorrow? I’ll post an update. The result day moves have been quite dramatic, and I was long a strangle (2500 put, 3000 call) which went up nearly 100% in two days and I exited for the most part. 

Disclosure: I am short through puts.


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