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CPI for Nov 2012 at 9.90%


Consumer prices went up 9.90% according to the "new" CPI (a measure being recorded from Jan 2011, which is what qualifies for "new" in this context).

WPI vs New CPI

(WPI data for November is not yet out)

Component wise, we still have a Food at high levels, beyond 11%. Housing hasn’t been below 10% for about a year now. (The size of the box below indicate the weight in the index)

CPI Components

Finally, the rural folk are catching up to urban inflation:

Rural versus Urban CPI

Conclusion: I think this level is too high. However, RBI looks at wholesale prices for an indicator and those are out on the 15th. I believe that with this kind of trend we should not see a reduction in interest rates (I would advocate an increase).


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