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The Minus 4.5% Week: MV Chronicle


At MarketVision, I write about the Minus 4.5% week and What Not To do.

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The Minus 4.5% Week And What Not To Do

The markets have crashed 4.5% this week, with banks battered beyond imagination, down 7.6%. All world markets have done badly:  Since August 1, the KOSPI and DAX have fallen 20%, while most others – the UK FTSE, the US Dow, Japan’s Nikkei and the Indian Nifty have fallen 10% or more. The crash has happened in an event vacuum – the fear is not of something bad happening, it’s of something good not happening.

Nifty Snapshot

Three Things You Don’t Want To Do

1. Don’t buy just anything because it’s cheap. It’s a bad time for all stocks. The market may rebound in one day, or take years to go back up. You can’t predict it, and neither can those suits on TV.


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