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Indian Market Snapshot: August 2011


The last two trading days of August brought a 5% rally on the markets, to close down only –8.77%, with the P/E inching over 18 (Historical, Standalone). The recovery still

Nifty Snapshot

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Sectorally, the stocks that lost the most were in the Realty space, down 15.6% while IT came a close second, down 14%. FMCG and consumption did well, being the only sectors down less than 4%.

Sector Moves 

It was the second worst August ever, with the last two days recovering just enough to beat the –9.5%  in 1997, and shy of the-8.4% in 1998. This is also not the worst of the year – Jan 2011 took us down more, at –10.2%.

Nifty Monthly

The year to date performance has been –18.5% which is the third worst ever for the Nifty, following the disastrous 2008 and a wicked 1998 (Asian crisis).

Nifty YTD performance 

The Sensex data is also available:

Sensex Monthly Changes

(Yes, this deserves a monthly article. Thinking on those lines at the moment).


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