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PA Inflation at 18.44% for Jan 22


The Primary Articles Inflation has now perked up again, going to 18.44% on 22 Jan 2011, up from the 17.26% reported last week.

Primary Articles Inflation

We’re in for some serious headline inflation in the next month or so because last year was benign in Jan/Feb. (Although that "benign" was above 20%!)

And again, the past data has been revised upwards.

Primary Articles Inflation Revisions

Not good – the revisions mean that the subdued inflation we saw in November was just bad numbers, not much control in inflation.

Now we have sustained primary articles inflation over 15% for around a year now; how long before we get inflation in manufactured goods as well? (Manufactured goods are 64% of the final inflation figure, but the data is only released monthly)


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