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Rupee Symbol Test


This is just to check the rupee symbol out. You won’t be able to see it on your RSS reader, or in IE 6, so ignore this post.

Rupees 400 = 400.

Random Technical Details:

  • I got this idea from which was launched today by Infinitely Beta. Good site, fast and clean. Do check it out!
  • The funda is – instead of using images which cause the server to get hit over and over again everytime you use the symbol, you use CSS. CSS 3 for those that are curious. The @font-face rule, for the even more curious. If you’re still reading, read this article.
  • Warning: Reeely technical. What you need is an @font-face definition – in this case, the font TTF is base-64 encoded, and embedded using the url(data:… format using a font-type attribute. I’ve
    used some of it earlier for images and seen it mentioned on Brajeshwar’s blog.

  • Once you thulp that into the CSS, you link the CSS file using a <link… tag. Since I’m using blogger I hosted the file on my server.
  • Then when I need to type the rupee symbol, all I have to type is:
    <span class=”rupee”&rt;& #8360;&lt/span&rt; (No spaces)

  • But I won’t do it. It doesn’t appear on RSS readers very well and around 3,300 of you will be pissed off. Not my idea of fun.

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