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Links – Private Banks, MMYT Lists, China’s Empty Apartments


A new discussion paper by RBI on the entry of New Banks in the private sector.

MakeMyTrip goes up 90% in their US listing. Pile onto the India Bandwagon, people! MMT hasn’t made any money and won’t in the near future, but who gives a rat’s ass. This is great for people like @Cleartrip who supposedly are profitable on a cash-flow basis (twitter conversation). I think all of them should go public.

Dhirendra Kumar on Fundamentals Weighted Indexes and how market-cap weighting (Sensex, Nifty) on Indices has skewed stock returns.

Through Business Insider: China has enough empty apartments to house 200 million people. That’s about 65 million empty apartments.

An article on Independent Financial Advisors versus Banks in the MF game, with some excellent data and graphs.

Steve Keen on “The Roving Cavaliers of Credit” on Banking, the absence of a money multiplier, a credit economy and how private banks are the ones that actually create money. Incredible read. HT @tejus_sawjiani.


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