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SoS trades: Exit Short Calls, Short HDFC Some More


Time to book some profits and add to the (virtual) short only strategy. Three things to do:

  • Exit Nifty call. Thats about 35K of return on a 14L exposure, which is 2.5%. Not too bad.
  • Exit Reliance Call. 19K on an exposure of 7.8L, another 2.5%.
  • Short some more HDFC. I’m somehow not yet comfortable with a P/E of 15 is worthwhile for a stock that won’t grow EPS for the next two years, at least.

SoS trades: Exit Short Calls, Short HDFC Some More

Yes, a lot of cash on the table now. Will have to use this rally to build a new set of positions.

Disclosure: Have personal positions in some of the above, not necessarily short (System based).


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