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Result Updates

  • Naukri (Info Edge) results show an EPS growth of 31% from 4.8 to 6.3. Profits are up to 17.21 cr. from 13.09 cr, but most of it seems to come from other income which is at 11.25 cr. versus 5.3 cr. Operating income is flat. Stock up nearly 10% at 449.
  • Reliance Power announces 106 cr. in profit, mainly from keeping money in the bank (10,500 cr.). Revenues of 127 cr. on “other income”, that is. I’d have thought is a tad less, considering one can get about 7% in a bank account or a liquid fund – one should have got at least 175 cr. per quarter?
  • DLF is down 10% today and ends up at 165. What gives? Horrendous performance – it’s tanked nearly 40% from the 300+ it sported at the beginning of the month. And they’re buying back: 5.6 lakh shares bought today, 44 lakh total. (Won’t dent much – they have 170 cr. shares outstanding)
  • Reliance Infrastructure (earlier Reliance Energy) shows a 10% drop in EPS, from 12.75 last year to 10.64. Another important Nifty stock bites the dust.
  • Ranbaxy has a mega-drop on EPS – which shows a NEGATIVE 19 Rs. versus 0.85, with a big hit from a 300 cr. forex loss, but also on deep operational losses. Stock tanked 9.25% to 188 today.
  • IDEA, another Nifty stock, dropped EPS to 0.72 from 0.90 last year. That’s another 20% EPS drop.
  • Bharti had excellent results, with EPS going up 36% to 10.41 from 7.63. Stock went up 6% (And I lost a bit on a short there) at 620.
  • Bharat Forge shows a 90% drop in EPS to 0.2 from 2.35.
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank’s EPS falls 70% to 3.71.
  • Some decent results were Cipla, Praj and Zee News – EPS up 20% each.

Overall a pretty disappointing second round of results, after some good performances by HDFC Bank and the like. Nifty EPS shows 226, which indicates a P/E of 12, for a negative EPS growth in general.


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