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0% on 4 week T-bills, Negative yield on the 3-month


From Bloomberg:

he Treasury sold $30 billion of four-week bills at zero percent for the first time since it began selling the securities in 2001 amid persistent demand for the safety of U.S. debt during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

The bills were sold at a high discount rate of zero percent, the Treasury Department said today in Washington. The government received bids for the bills totaling more than four times the amount sold.

Yields on government securities have plummeted this year to record lows as investors have gravitated toward their safety as stocks and emerging-market assets plunged. Rates on three-month bills, viewed as a haven in times of turmoil, traded at a negative rate of 0.01 percent today. The Treasury sold $27 billion in three-month bills yesterday at a rate of 0.005 percent, the lowest rate since it starting auctioning the securities in 1929.

Negative rates! You are paying the US government to take your money. What a day.


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