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Would you like an online course for Futures and Options?


A number of commenters here have expressed their interest in F&O but that it is entirely difficult to decipher or understand. I was thinking of an online course – that explains what F&O are, and how you can trade them in India or use them for hedging.

The idea is to have this entirely online, through a Skype listen-only conference (for the most part), using online shared whiteboard software and a shared presentation. Details will be ironed out once I know we have enough interest.

Course duration: 2 hours or so. Keeping this open but will not exceed three hours.


  • The concept of stock and index futures
  • Lot sizes, Expiry Dates, and Instruments
  • Option Basics, Strike Prices, Puts/Calls
  • Trading in India, liquidity and m
  • Risk, Hedging, Speculation
  • Q&A
  • Not covered: Concepts like Straddles, Strangles, Spreads, Covered calls etc. Another day for those.

Dates and times: To be decided but it will be a Saturday in December (non trading day) and will likely be in the afternoon. It will also not be a day when there is an important cricket match.

The entire audio will be recorded and placed online later as an archive.

Cost: Free. I reserve the right to eventually make this a business, but right now it will be free.

Are you interested? Please comment on this post, send me mail (deepakshenoy at gmail) or enter this form.

Update: Thanks for the response! I have received more than 200 registrations and I will provide more info in further posts.

Note: Suggestions and comments are much appreciated, even if you think I am not the right person to learn from. I’ve always liked to train, as it helps me learn too. And yes, this could be a future calling, I don’t know.


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