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Zoho helps get an IPL Simulator Online


In an article on NDTV, Amit Varma (of India Uncut fame) writes about how the new cricket craze, IPL (Indian Premier League) can be absolutely random.

I’d written a quick spreadsheet for him, as a random IPL simulator. If the games are purely luck you should see random results – but even in seemingly random results there are patterns, some of which make you think one team is stronger than the other.

Here’s the sheet:

(full link here)

The folks at Zoho are excellent. The spreadsheet didn’t work as well as it should’ve, and I mailed them – a quick response from them that they were looking into it and in a couple days they’d figured it out. For a free service, this is fantastic. Later I even had a good chat with Ramesh from Zoho support about the IPL and the Chennai Kings making it to the semis (Zoho’s origins are in Chennai).

Zoho is going places. No doubt about that. If they were public, I’d buy the stock right now. All the best to them.

With the IPL, may the best team win. Like Alexander the great would ask his generals before a battle, “Are you feeling lucky today?”.


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