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Month: November 2007

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Some international danger points

Citibank’s $11 billion writedown: more to come? Citi had announced, on Nov 4, a record writedown (read: “money we have lost”) of between $8bn ...

Happy Diwali!

I know it’s late and I’ve been preoccupied with Diwali and all : Happy Diwali to you all! Wishes for a prosperous year ahead. Quite ironically, ...

Interesting strategy: Rise in Price, Drop in Deliverable Trades

Sunil Saranjame has an excellent post about RPL and RNRL. The percentage of deliverable quantity to total traded quantity is a figure worth watching as you can ...

The End Game Begins

As I speak, the DOW is 360 points down and crude is above $96. This is a mild reaction I suppose, and to be honest 2.6% is not much by Indian standards – ...