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Month: March 2007

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Budget Impact: Tech

Tech companies will be affected by the Budget, but how? Neutral: MAT applies Minimum alternate tax of 11.33% will now be applicable to all tech companies. That ...

MIN is no longer required

In a statement today, AMFI has withdrawn the requirement of a Mutual Fund Identification Number (MIN) for investment in mutual funds. (Read my earlier article ...

Personal Impact: Budget 2007

Neutral: Lower income taxes, increased cess An increase in education cess from 2% to 3% will take income taxes up, but the FM has provided an increase in slab ...

Corporate India impact: Budget 2007

Corporate India gets affected in different ways in Budget 2007. Minor Negative: Hike in Cess Education cess is up to 3% from 2%. While this sounds like a 1% ...