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LinkFest #4: Open Letter, Real Estate bubble, Money Today


Open letter to analysts from a harried investor
(Author unknown)
A seriously hassled investor telling the TV analyst what he thinks of him. This is quite applicable to India as well. Eventually I will provide a table of all the recommendations by various analysts on a shared Google Spreadsheet. We will then see the date of recommendation and the high/low prices after that – perhaps we will be able to see if their “predictions” are anywhere close.

A new Insurance and Mutual Fund company: Bharti-AXA

A new entrant to the Indian financial world, Bharti-AXA will set up a mutual fund AMC and an insurance company. This can result in two things: Fund manager churn from an existing AMC if they try to grab one, and more NFOs. Let’s see how it goes.

SEBI suspends Reliance Broking arm for four months (Sify)
SEBI has uncovered some broker regulation violations by Reliance Stock and Share Broking in 1999, when it was part of the RIL group. It has therefore suspended it from trading for the next four months. This company is now owned by the Anil Ambani group; and supposedly is not doing all that much business anyhow.

Money Today: A new magazine
I picked this up at a newsstand recently and was quite surprised to see some excellent articles. Read about their latest insurance calculator much on the lines of my article.

Is there a bubble in real estate? (
A very interesting article and discussion around whether the spurt in real estate prices in India constitutes a bubble. The parallels with Japan, America and indeed, earlier Indian events are quite revealing. I’ve commented there too.

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