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Month: June 2006

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Mutual Funds: The rules have changed

New Rules for New Fund Offers 1. Initial Issue Expenses: I had written about this in an earlier post (Mutual Funds must toe the line) and there is now a ...

Mutual Fund FAQs

Mutual Funds can invest in the stock market, govt bonds or tax bonds or anywhere else. So do we, the investors, have any control over it? Mutual Funds have an ...

Introduction to Mutual Funds

Here’s what Mutual funds (MFs) are, and how they work. Let’s say you and I had some money, about 1 Lakh rupees each. And we have 8 other friends ...

The new tax return form

The Government has introduced a new tax return form, called Saral 2F. You can download this form here. This is a long, boring form that is quite messy to fill ...