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Month: November 2005

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ULIPs : A good investment?

(Some of you have asked for the “basics” of investing – I’m writing an article about this, and hope to have it ready soon) Meanwhile, I ...

Thanks for the comments!

Yasmeen posted a comment and I thought I’d reply in a separate post: Great Job Deepak. Neat BLog. I like the content and the style! Thanks, Yasmeen! I ...

ELSS: Not that attractive?

Budget 2005 announced that you could save tax by investing Rs. 1,00,000 – one lakh – in any specified scheme, and the invested amount would be tax ...

Capital Gains Tax: A primer

If you make a profit buying and selling Capital Assets (Property, Stock, Mutual Fund units etc.), you need to pay Capital Gains Tax. Here’s a primer: ...

Investments. Period.

Welcome to my new blog. I’ve started this blog for information on: Investments Tax issues Stock market stuff This is going to be very India specific so ...