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Escorts, Maruti Suzuki and M&M Tractors Outshine Competitors, Sales Growth Over 30%

We bring you the “Indian Automobile Sales Report” for the month of September, 2016. We take a look at the latest market action for each of the ...

Indian Automobile Sales July 2016: Two Wheelers, Passenger Vehicles and Commercial Vehicles

Today we bring you the Indian Automobile Sales Report for the month of July, 2016. You can catch the previous month’s reports here: Two Wheelers ...

Indian Auto Sales: Renault sales rise 3 fold, Royal Enfield clocks 42.1% and Maruti checks in at 13.3%

The Indian Auto Industry is greatly dependent on the Agricultural sector. After 2 years of continuous droughts, the India is set to witness a higher than usual ...

Indian Automobile Sales for the month of March 2016

Today we bring you a mini version of our Monthly SparkPlug Report – a summary of the sales made during the month of March. We initiated this SparkPlug ...