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[13 Aug 22] Newsletter: Independence day offer, Market overview & 5 good reads!

🔆 Market Overview: Sensex 30 PE trend, Macro markers & Top stocks of the week 🔆 Links we like: 5 good reads on markets & money 🔆 Independence Day ...

How to tell good advice from bad and the Capitalmind Diwali offer

Who do you trust to get reliable, unbiased information to make your investment decisions? From your friendly LIC Agent uncle who paid a visit soon after you ...

Independence day gets little more special! 🤗

We’re a bit early, but this newsletter won’t get to say this tomorrow, so here goes – wish you a very Happy Independence day! 🇮🇳 In ...

VST Tillers Tractors: The House View

What's the story with VST Tillers Tractors? This little The performance of the Indian tractor industry has been exceptional in FY21. Sales of domestic tractors ...

The house view on Kovai Medical

​​​​​​​In our “House view” series, we publish summaries of discussions on Capitalmind slack forum. Think of them as short crowd-sourced ...

The house view on IRCTC

In our "House view" series, we publish summaries of discussions on Capitalmind slack forum. Think of them as short crowd-sourced primers about the business, ...

The house view on Bajaj Finance

Under the right circumstances, groups are remarkably intelligent. -James Surowiecki , Author of The Wisdom of Crowds The Capitalmind Slack forum started back ...

Capitalmind Premium Slack Community – A tucked-away treasure trove

In this post, I sit back and reflect on what the Capitalmind community is all about and how it has helped me (and many others) get better. Better not just at ...