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Investing in muddle-through markets, Market Overview & More


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What’s up with markets? 📉📈

Over the last year, crude is down 23% after it spiked due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Apart from this big red bar on the 1-year time frame, everything else has changed in single digits. Interestig to see equities, gold and interest rates – all three up over the last 1 year.

Investing in muddle-through markets, Market Overview & More

Last week we talked about how much Adani group lost since the Hindenburg report. This week, there is some respite for Adani group stocks due to positive news flow.

Investing in muddle-through markets, Market Overview & More

Letter from Fund Manager 📩

Every month, Deepak Shenoy, Fund Manager & CEO, Capitalmind writes to Capitalmind PMS investors about portfolio progress and market updates.

In his latest note, he talks about investing approach during times when markets are undecided about where to be. Just like it is today. He calls it “Muddle-through” markets.

In the current “muddle through” market, nothing seems to be happening on the upside and there is not enough of a downside yet.

We are in a no-go zone in the market for nearly a year now. Has this happened in the past?

He looked at the data for one thing:

Have equities given more than 7%, on average, whenever it has looked like the past year has been “muddle through”?

The data paints quite a positive picture. I am sure, you’ll enjoy reading it.

Read: Wealth Letter March 2023: Muddling Through Markets

What we are reading 📝

After backpacking around the world for a year, Samant returned to India where he decided to live the rural life. He started farming mangoes, roses, teak wood, and table grapes at his family’s 20-acre plot.

In 1997, his company became the first to grow this fruit in their region. They also planted varietals such as the French Sauvignon Blanc and Californian Chenin Blanc that had never been planted before in India.

This fruit is the key ingredient of the final product.

Identify this company that has a smiling sun as its logo.

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