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Bond Baba #3: Convertible, Callable, Puttable, Floating Rate, and ZCBs [Video]


We have started a video series on bonds, where we’ll explain the bond market and its nuances in an ELI5 format. This is the 3rd part of the Bond Baba video series.

Bond Baba #1: An introduction to bonds
Bond Baba #2: G-Secs, Tax Free Bonds and 54 EC Bonds

In the third part of this series, we will continue our discussion on the types of bonds. We will also discuss an interesting example of Castex Technologies to understand how mandatory conversion clause in convertible bonds led to wealth destruction for the bondholders of Castex.

(We have written scores of articles on Bond Baba, click here to read the post underlying this video)

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That’s all for now folks but we will discuss a lot more in this series in the subsequent videos. You can find me on twitter @AstuteAditya


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