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Force Motors Sales Drop 8% Or 259 Units, Realizations Fall By 1%


The manufacture of Light Commercial Vehicles, Small Commercial Vehicles, Utility Vehicles, Agricultural Tractors & other products such as Diesel Engines.
The sales for October 2016 stood at 2,935 units against 3,194 units resulting in a drop of 8.11%. YTD Sales stood at 19,485 units against 18,073 units – a growth of 7.81% or 1,412 units.

Here are the segment levels sales growth broken down YoY:


  • Domestic Sales were down 150 units or 10.55% at 1272 units against 1422 units
  • Exports were 153 units or 46.79% at 174 units against 327 units
  • Overall segment sales were down 303 units or 17.32% from 1446 units to 1749 units.

UV, SUV & Tractors

  • Domestic Sales were up 36 units or 2.51% at 1472 units against 1436 units
  • Exports almost doubled with 8 units or 89% at 17 units against 9 units
  • Overall segment sales were down 303 units or 17.32% from 1,446 units to 1749 units.


  • Domestic Sales were down 114 units or 8.04% at 2,744 units against 2,858 units
  • Exports were down 145 units or 42% at 191 units against 336 units
  • Overall sales were down 259 units or 8.11% from 3,194 units to 2,935 units.

Force Motors generated Rs. 166 crore, realizing an avg. of Rs. 5.66 lakh per unit (down from Rs. 5.72 lakh per unit during the previous month).
Force Motors Logo
During the month, Force Motors also reported a 12% growth in operational revenue translating into a profit of Rs. 50.28 crore from Rs. 42.71 crore for the same quarter of the previous year. The company’s plant that makes engines for BMW now has a new line in place to build the more powerful petrol motors.
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