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Pidilite Industries Witnesses Timid Growth, Consumer and Industrial Products Growth Takes a Dive : Result Analysis


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The maker of Fevicol and its outstanding advertisements reported its Jun 2016 performance today.
The company’s results were not outstanding. Rather it was a disappointing one as growth in both Consumer products and Industrial products were in single digits.

Result Analysis: Pidilite Industries

  • Total Income from Operations increased 8.60% to Rs. 1,691.3 crore.
  • Profit After tax increased 15.84% to Rs. 271.29 crore.
  • EPS increased 15.60% to Rs. 5.26 per share.

The stock has already taken a hit of 3% and is down to Rs. 729/-.
Pidilite Segment Revenue June 2016

Other notable points were:

  • Consumer Products witnessed a timid growth at 9.39% only better than Industrial products which stood at 4.18%.
  • Its investments in financial products stood at Rs. 974 crore against Rs. 578 crore QoQ.
  • Standalone basis, other income has doubled from 12.5 crore to 23 crore.

Pidilite Industries Q12017 Results Analysis
Disclosure: Analyst or Family do not hold the stock
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