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Macquarie Asia New Stars Fund cuts stake in Inox Leisure by 0.63%



Inox Leisure – one of India’s largest multiplex chains with 108 multiplexes, 425 screens spread across 57 cities. Its footprint stretches to 100 properties with 100,000 seats.

The company has presence across India with strong new screens in the pipeline.

India has the second highest theatre footfalls in the world at 1930 million and the highest number of film releases in the world at 1602 films. However, India’s screen density is one of the lowest at 8 screens for every million human.

While the number of single screens have reduced from 9,710 in 2009 to 6,000 in 2015, the number of multiplexes has more than doubled from 925 in 2009 to 2,100 in 2015. Multiplexes account for more than 25% market share of the screen business. Major factors driving multiplexes business include:

  • Superior location, destination and parking facilities.
  • State of art equipment (high quality video and audio), superior interiors, ambience and service.
  • Multiple screens in one location offer a wider variety of content to the patrons.
  • Rising disposable incomes and discretionary spends.

The Indian Film Industry has shown a tremendous performance and has grown from 68.8 billion in 2011 to an estimated 159.9 billion by 2020. 

Inox Presence

Macquarie Asia New Stars No.1 Fund managed by Macquarie Fund Solutions sold 605,595 shares representing 0.63% of the share capital.

With this sale, its new reduced stake stands at 2.24% or 2,162,822 shares (based on holdings as of 31-Mar-16).

Macquarie Asia New Stars No.1 Fund

Macquarie is one of Australia’s largest equities managers with over 30 years of experience managing portfolios. The Macquarie Asia New Stars No.1 Fund aims to capture the potential capital growth of small and mid-sized companies in Asia (excluding Japan), and to provide some income.

Source: Latest Investor Presentation



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