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Eicher Motors Does 66% Profit Growth in June 2016 : Result Analysis


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Eicher Motors, the maker of the iconic bullet motorcycle has issued their performance report for Jun 2016. The leader in 2 wheeler premium segment reported a 41.96% growth in Income from Operations with Net Profits standing at Rs. 329.6 crore at a growth rate of 65.83%. This translation has been generated from sales of 1.47 lakh Bullets in addition to the Eicher trucks and Polaris offroaders.

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Royal Enfield Sales June 2016

Result Analysis: Eicher Motors

  • Total Income from Operations increased 41.96% to Rs. 1,556 crore.
  • Profit After tax increased 65.83% to Rs. 329 crore.
  • EPS increased 58.49% to Rs. 138 per share.

Scrip closed at Rs. 21,099/- up almost 4% in anticipation of another outstanding quarter.
Eicher Motors Share Price 28 July 2016

Other notable points were:

  • Its subsidiaries reported a revenue of Rs. 3.91 crore from operations along with a net loss after tax at Rs. 4.32 crore.
  • Other Income almost doubled from Rs. 26.16 crore to Rs. 46.82 crore.

Eicher Motors Q12017 Results Analysis
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