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N R Narayana Murthy's Catamaran Ventures cuts stake in Popcorn maker Agro Tech Food


Agro Tech Foods Logo

Agro Tech Foods (click here to view this on our SNAP Analytics Tool) is engaged in the business of marketing food and food ingredients to consumers and institutional customers. The Company offers its products under various categories, which include edible oils and sprays, snacks, spreads and dressings, soups, puddings and dessert, and meals and meal enhancers.

The Company’s brands include Sundrop Oils, ACT II Popcorn, Sundrop Peanut Butter and Crystal. The Company’s range of Act II Snacks includes Ready to Cook Popcorn, Ready to Eat Popcorn and Extruded Snacks. Sundrop offers a range of oils to its consumers, such as Heart, Olivea, Nutrifit, Heartlite, Slimlite, Goldlite and Lite, among others. Sundrop Peanut Butter is made of roasted peanuts.


Catamaran Management Services Private Limited or Catamaran Capital (partnered with Amazon US to start India operations with a 50:50 JV under the Cloud Tail Services name) is owned by N R Narayana Murthy.

As of March, 2016 Catamaran held 392,938 shares representing 1.61% of the shares which is now reduced to 100,252 shares or 0.41%. Here is the how the fund purchased the stock over the course of last year.

Catamaran Ventures Agro Tech Foods Share Purchase History May 2016

Big Whale Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is also a holder of the stock. (Check out the complete portfolio up to March, 2016). Other stocks held by the fund as of March, 2016 include Ambika Cotton MillsNescoCan Fin HomesSwaraj Engines and Vesuvius India.

Part of this stake sale or 207,549 shares representing 0.85% of the shareholding was purchased by Pari Washington India Master Fund a Mauritius based fund (Cim Fund Services). The most famous face of this firm is Mahmood Bashir Nabeebokus who is the Director of the firm. The fund also holds stake in Elgi Equipments, Zodiac Clothing Company, FDC, Nesco and Voltamp Transformers.

Mr. Mahmood Bashir Nabeebokus is a Director with IDFC Investment Managers (Mauritius). He acts as director for several client companies of CIM Fund Services Ltd including collective investment schemes.



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