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Budget 2016: First Thoughts Of Deepak Shenoy


Deepak Shenoy simplifies the elaborate Budget 2016 documents and answers a few questions on Periscope. We do these kind of Periscope videos on a regular basis. We share the link to join us on Periscope on our Twitter handle. Just Follow us @CapitalMind_In to know when we are going LIVE. 

This Periscope video covers the following points and more:

  • If you are an individual, it means more tax.
  • If you are a startup, probably more tax.
  • If you are planning a startup next year, there might be a lesser tax.
  • No real tax cuts this time.
  • If you make more than 1 cr, its not 30% tax +  12% surcharge, now it’s 30% + 15%
  • If you get dividend on equity or mutual funds and get more than 10L, be prepared to pay 10% on the whole
  • Amnesty over income for which tax hasn’t been paid – Pay 45% tax and get your name cleared
  • Employee Provident Fund(EPF) taxation explained – we updated 

and many more interesting topics. 

We also covered some interesting questions from Periscope viewers about tax benefits for professionals, where the budget money comes from, biggest expenses of our government and several more.

Take a look!!

Want to have a look at How and What we covered about the not-so-special Indian Budget 2016? We got you covered. We have categorized all out budget posts. Just click this link to see the list of all the posts: Explaining Budget 2016 


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